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Automatic subtitles your video
Convert your audio or video to text

Say goodbye to complex software

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Say goodbye to clunky video software and hello to one-click editing online. No training or pro skills required.

Fast and accurate

Transcribe your video or audio in seconds. Free to edit your transcript.

Ready for social media

Repurpose for different channels and grows audiences

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You can use Motionbear with the following languages

Gulf ArabicModern Standard ArabicMandarin Chinese - MainlandDutchAustralian EnglishBritish EnglishIndian EnglishIrish EnglishScottish EnglishUS EnglishWelsh EnglishSpanishUS SpanishFrenchCanadian FrenchFarsiGermanSwiss GermanHebrewIndian HindiIndonesianItalianJapaneseKoreanMalayPortugueseBrazilian PortugueseRussianTamilTeluguTurkish

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