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Automatically create subtitles in minutes

Are you looking for an automatic subtitles generator for videos? Then, Motionbear is what you need - It's powerful, flexible, extremely easy to use, and what most interesting is - it’s a free video subtitle tool. Thanks to Motionbear, you can effortlessly create subtitles for videos. Then, you can render them into the video permanently (hardcode subtitles), or download them as separate subtitle files instead (SRT, TXT, etc.).

Motionbear uses AI to generate subtitles for your videos with 99% accuracy. It can work as an automatic subtitles generator, transcript generator, and speech recognition at the same time.

Your work is to upload the video, Motionbear will create a transcript from your audio so you can edit whatever you want with just a few simple clicks. As a result, your videos will reach a wider audience.

Translate subtitles? Motionbear can do it. Besides English subtitles, you can use Motionbear to translate your video to other languages ​​and vice versa. From Spanish to French, from Indian Hindi to Indonesian, you can do tons of things with Motionbear to make compelling videos. Upgrade your package to Motionbear's PRO package to experience this smart auto translator.

How to generate auto subtitle on video

1. Upload video

Upload the video you want to add subtitles to Motionbear with a simple drag and drop. Your file is automatically transcribed using speech-to-text

2. Edit & style

Edit the subtitles to your needs and make any corrections as required. Change fonts, colours and logos, we don't limit you!

3. Download

Wait a few minutes for the subtitled video to render. Download your video and upload it with the subtitles embedded.

Fast, accurate, and readable

Thanks to Motionbear, you can quickly subtitle videos in seconds. With just one click, a few scrolls, or drag-and-drops, Motionbear's speech-recognition software will automatically transcribe your video, saving you hours.
The most interesting thing is that Motionbear generates extremely high accuracy subtitles. That’s why it's a content creators’ favorite tool.

Besides, thanks to our AI subtitle software, you won’t be annoyed with too much text appearing on screen in the first place. In addition, our customer care team is also available to assist if you encounter any difficulties or questions.

Subtitle styles and branding

Motionbear lets you freely edit videos to match your brand, message, and style. Huge font stock with all sizes, styles, and languages will aid you in creating videos at your needs. You can change the text position, letter spacing and try out many other functions in Motionbear. Professionally designed subtitle styles will make your video editing experience fast and flowing.

Frequently asked questions

What types of video file does Motionbear support?


How is my payment being processed?

We use Paypal to process your payment. It's the same payment provider used by products such as Udemy, Lyft, and Patreon. We do not handle your credit card information directly.

How large can my upload file be?

Your video file can be up to 2GB and 60 minutes in duration. We will be able to support uploading of larger files if required, please contact us.

How accurately is my video subtitled?

This largely depends on the audio quality of the video. But because you can still check and adjust the subtitles before they are delivered, the output is always the way you want.

Which languages does Motionbear support?

You can use Motionbear with the following languages:  Gulf ArabicModern Standard ArabicMandarin Chinese - MainlandDutchAustralian EnglishBritish EnglishIndian EnglishIrish EnglishScottish EnglishUS EnglishWelsh EnglishSpanishUS SpanishFrenchCanadian FrenchFarsiGermanSwiss GermanHebrewIndian HindiIndonesianItalianJapaneseKoreanMalayPortugueseBrazilian PortugueseRussianTamilTeluguTurkish